Lather Up Some Color

dscn1120Looking for a sensory activity that will get your kids’ attention?  Spray some shaving cream into your bin.  The sight and sound of that alone will get them running.  Add some colored salt shakers and paintbrushes or spoons (for those who are a little less eager to dive in with their hands).  Let the children shake and mix to create colorful billows of foam.  Soon, they’ll begin experimenting with color mixing, adding a new dimension to the activity!  Be sure to have the children wear smocks as they will be so engaged in this activity they will likely not know where their hands end and their shirts begin!

This sensory activity builds motor skills, language skills (as they describe their observations of color and texture).  They will also use social skills and language skills as they use the activity together.


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Filed under Learning through Play and Experience, sensory activity

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