Sandpaper Rubbings- Cookie Cutter Style

dscn1137I told you I’d be giving you more reasons to justify buying that big set of cookie cutters! 

Use the cookie cutters as a template to trace a shape onto the back side of sand paper.  Experiment with a variety of grits as the different grits give different textures in the rubbings.  Cut out the desired shape.  (While I wouldn’t necessarily use your favorite pair, I have heard that cutting sandpaper may actually sharpen your scissors!)  Securely glue the shape onto an index card.  Place the index cards out with your art trays, paper, and crayons.  The children can choose the shapes they want, place the paper on top, and rub with the crayons to transfer the picture onto their papers.  The children can place several templates under one paper to create their desired scene. 

dscn11401In addition to justifying your cookie cutter collection purchase, this activity fosters creative development and builds fine motor skills, but because it requires less meticulous work than many art activities, it is more appealing to those children who are often “art averse”.


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