Cookie Cutter Prints With a Spin

dscn1144In case I haven’t given you enough excuses to go out and buy your dream cookie cutter collection, here’s another way to get your money’s worth.  It’s very similar to the cookie cuter prints, but with an extra step.  Instead of using tempera paint in your plastic lids, use good old Elmer’s glue.  Once the cookie cutters have been dipped in the glue and pressed on the paper, the children can shake colored salt onto the glue.  Shake the paper around, and there is a new, colorful, raised print!  You could also use glitter in place of or in addition to the colored salt.  As the children use several colors on the same page, their prints will take on a cool multi-colored design!  Enjoy all the ways you can put these prints to good use!

This activity builds motor control and creativity as the children manipulate the cutters and shakers and create their own designs.


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