Paper Plate Snowmen

dscn1160Build snowmen indoors, no matter the weather!  Here’s what you need:

White paper plates

Paper, cut in hat shapes

Cardboard cut in stick shapes

Self-stick foam in geometric shapes

Self-stick foam cut in carrot shapes

Tape and staples

Markers or Crayons

Start the activity by talking about snowmen of course!  You may want to do the 5 little snowmen fingerplay, or read a book like, All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle and Barbara Lavalee.  Talk about all the different ways to make a snowman.  If you read the book, it takes you through a step-by-step progression that is perfect for this conversation.

Show the children your materials.  Point out the paper plates and ask what part of the snowman they might be, and so on with the other items.  Encourage them to come up with their own snowman designs.  Don’t try to fit them into a pre-set pattern.  Some may put 4 arms on a snowman, and some may not want a hat.  Just like in the picture above, some might use the shapes for a face while others prefer to draw it.  Let them be creative!  You may even want to provide extra foam, paper, or fabric to give the children the option of cutting more shapes to make scarves, mittens, shoes, whatever!  Help with the tape and staples if they ask for it. 

This activity promotes creativity while also building fine motor skills and the cognitive and language skills required to discuss and follow a process or procedure.

When the snowmen are done, extend the creative activity into a fantastic language activity by asking the snowman’s name, whether or not he is magic, and what adventures they might have together.  Extend it further by recording the stories and making a book!

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