dscn1290For a fun rhyming activity with your preschoolers, create a Rhyme-A-Saurus!  This dinosaur is not a meat-eater or a plant-eater, he eats rhymes! 

Using a set of rhyming cards (you can find printable ones here or purchase a set at a teaching supply store)  give your children one card each, and keep the rhyming pair yourself.  Explain that this dinosaur is a rhyme-eater and loves rhyme sandwiches.  Ask them to help you make a sandwich by putting two rhyming words together and feeding them to the dinosaur! 

One by one, show and say one of your rhyming words and invite the child with the rhyming pair to put both words in the dinosaurs mouth.  Of course, this activity is enhanced by ferocious eating sounds, and burps are always a favorite! 

The dinosaur is made by drawing a dinosaur face on tag board or cardboard, coloring, and cutting a slot in the mouth.  I used the T. Rex on the cover of Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe for my inspiration.  (Use this activity in conjunction with that story for a great book activity!)  You may opt for a less ferocious looking specimen.  If you’re not comfortable free-handing, use a copier or an overhead projector to transfer an enlarged image from a book.

This activity enhances language skills, and rhyming skills in particular.  Rhyming skills are a part of phonemic awareness, a huge predictor and precursor for reading success!

 Click here for more dinosaur ideas!



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4 responses to “Rhyme-A-Saurus

  1. aa159

    this is a very nice game!

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