Make Those Shaky Eggs

dscn1247Shaky eggs have to be one of the simplest instruments for children to play.  Even toddlers participate with ease when egg shakers are involved!  In fact, as soon as  infants can grasp with their hands, they can play shaky eggs!  I’ve seen shaky eggs for sale for as much as $5 for a set of 2!  I’m here to tell you that you can make a class set for about that much!  And the process is so simple, you could even let the kiddos each make their own! 

This time of year is the right time to do this project, because with Easter around the corner, you can find these plastic eggs for $1 a package!  All you need to do is place a little bit of dry rice or popcorn kernels in each egg and seal the egg with electrical tape.  (The electrical tape works best because it bends around the egg rather than puckering like many of the other tapes do.)  Once your egg is filled and sealed, feel free to decorate it with stickers or use permanent markers to draw designs or write names.  Then all that’s left is to SHAKE! 

Shaky eggs can be incorporated into almost any music and movement activity!  With practice, physical control  increases as you use them to keep rhythm with songs, to be part of a percussion band, or just to add flavor to dancing time!  My favorite egg shaker song is Laurie Berkner’s “I Know a Chicken” (available at iTunes).  It’s fun and funky and incorporates great musical elements!  What more could a preschooler want?


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