I’m a Little Seed

You can never really have too many songs and fingerplays, can you?  So here’s another one that is kid-tested and approved!  Sing to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”.



I’m a little seed in the soil so deep.
I sit and I wait and I don’t make a peep.
Give me rain and sunshine, and what do you know,
I sprout from the soil and I start to grow!


Feel free to let the children act it out as they sing, curling up in a quiet ball, and then “sprouting” and stretching up to grow.  Again, songs and fingerplays increase language skills and reading readiness.  This one in particular teaches the vocabulary words “sprout” and “soil”, as well as the novel word “peep”.  The needs of seeds are also introduced.

For more Seeds & Plants activities, click here.

Photo by sveres.


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