We are the Dinosaurs

pictures_band01I love Laurie Berkner’smusic!  She is one of those artists who really knows music and really knows kids.  Her music is fun and I don’t find it patronizing or grating like I do with some other children’s music.  If you haven’t found her treasure trove of music yet, you should stop everything and go to iTunes now.  Or at least after you finish reading this post!

One of my many favorite Laurie Berkner songs is, “We are the Dinosaurs”.  It’s a great song and perfect for the kiddos to dance to.  They really just naturally dance to act out the story in the song.  It starts at a heavy dinosaur march, and then switches to a lighter, quicker tune as you stop to eat and then again to rest.  In addition to being a fun song to sing and to dance to, it is great for exposing the children to a musical change in mood, as the music alternates between staccato and legato.  This is a great activity for fostering creativity as well as developing music and movement skills.  So now you can dance on over to iTunes and download this song.  I guarantee your children will get more than one dollar’s worth of use out of it!

For more dinosaur activities, click here.


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