Welcome Weeks

kids memoossaThe beginning of school is so exciting!  I remember many nights before the first few days of school, laying out my clothes for the next day and then laying in bed for hours, unable to sleep because I was just so excited.  I watched my own son do the same thing.  I just kept smiling the next morning as he walked around the house, fully dressed and ready, with his backpack on, a full hour before it would be time to leave.  That is the way we want these learners to stay!  Excited for school and passionate about learning!  The first few weeks, as we welcome the children into our rooms, we set that precedence- that this is a fun, safe place to come and learn.  I like to spend the first few weeks doing some of my favorite activities, while also getting the children used to me, the routine, and each other.  Here are a few activities I like to use, that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.  (All links will be added here as they are posted.)  Enjoy!  And please, let me know what activities you like to do during the first weeks of school also!

Classic Playdough (You just can’t miss with this!) – Fine motor, sensory

Colored Rice in the Sensory Table (Usually with cars and/or scoops and funnels.) – Fine motor, sensory

Painting with Water (Gets kids ready to use the easel.) – Fine Motor, Creative

Wooden Unit Blocks – Spatial Awareness, Creative, Logical Mathematical

Painting with Shaving Cream – Creative, Sensory, Fine Motor

Willoughby Wallaby Woo (Raffi) – Music, Names

Introduce “Give Me Five” – Classroom Management, Listening skills

Take preventative measures by talking about handwashing and “sneeze catching” – Self-Help, Health, Social Skills

Story Acting with Dr.Seuss’s the Sneetches – Language, Social Skills

Rhythm Sticks always get everybody excited about music time! – Music

We talk about who’s in our class, and make a graph. – Math

Taking Turns and “Can I Play” – Social Skills

Sharing with “The Doorbell Rang”  by Pat Hutchins – Language, Math, Social Skills

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes gets us talking about our names- Language, Literacy, Creative

Pigsty by Mark Teague is a great way to introduce clean up time – Language, Literacy, Cognitive

Shape Scoop in the Water Table – Sensory, Math, Motor skills

We talk about how big they’re getting by looking at baby pictures, making a T chart and reading a great book – Language, Literacy, Cognitive

I Know a Chicken (Laurie Berkner) is by far my favorite shaky egg song, so of course it’s in my favorites month – Music and Movement

Texture Collages – Fine Motor, Sensory, Creative

Hmmm. That should do for now.  We’ll see what else I add to my list before my welcome weeks are through!

Add- ons:

Check this out if you need a new clean up song!

Oh, and how about my favorite orange smoothie recipe for snack time!

Why not change up the playdough midweek for glitter playdough!

Apples and Bananas, the snack and the song!

Top photo courtesy memoossa.


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