Shape Scoop

scoopKids love to scoop!  It’s great for their hand-eye coordination and both large and small motor skills.  Cut shapes from craft foam (or find pre-cut ones, non adhesive of course)  and set them floating in your sensory table  or bathtub.  Give the kiddos fish nets to scoop with (you can find them very inexpensively in almost any pet store or pet supply aisle of a grocery store or Wal-Mart).  As a bonus, when the foam is wet, it will stick to smooth surfaces, so your children can create pictures as well!  Talk to them about the shapes and colors they’re using to increase their awareness of shape and color names and characteristics.  (“Wow!  You made that house by putting the red triangle on top of the yellow square!)  Happy scooping!

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Filed under fine motor skills, Large Motor Skills, Learning through Play and Experience, sensory activity

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