Recipe for Fun: Leaves, Sawdust, and Bugs!


If you’re lucky enough, you have childhood memories of digging through fallen leaves, twigs, and dirt to find treasure troves of bugs and creepy crawlies.  Hopefully the children you love and teach get the same opportunity!  Here’s a way to extend that fun into a  sensory table  activity.


The title describes it all!  In your sensory table, place sawdust, leaves (real would be great, I just used artificial here), and a set of plastic bugs .  Add scoopers and tweezers, and you’ll be surprised how much fun the children have digging around for their tiny specimen. 

Children build sensory, small motor, and language skills with this activity as they scoop, squeeze, scatter, and sift.  As you talk about the bugs, their names and characteristics, as well as places you and your children have found them outside, you also introduce some science concepts.

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