Happy Children

happy childrenOnce you’ve done your Four Seasons chart, you can extend the discussion (perhaps the next day) by singing the “Happy Children” song.  What makes this song so great, is that it’s written, in part, by the children!

Start out with your Four Seasons chart, as well as five pieces of paper.  On one paper write the title, “Happy Children” and perhaps add some quick drawings of smiling children.  On the next paper write, “Happy children in the spring time…”  Repeat this line on the other papers, substituting for the four seasons (“summer”, “fall time” or “autumn”, “winter”). 

With your children, review the Four Seasons song again.  Talk again about how each season is different.  Explain that you have a new song about the four seasons and what the children like to do during each season, and that you need their help to finish the song.  Show and explain the title and place it above your seasons chart.  Place each of the other prepared sheets near the appropriate season on your season chart.  Then, as you discuss each season with the children, talk about what they like to do during that season.  Narrow down to one favorite from the suggestions and write it on the sheet.  Once the sheets are complete, the song will go something like this:

“Happy Children”  (To the tune, Did you ever see a Lassie)

Happy children in the spring time, the spring time, the spring time,

Happy children in the spring time, love to pick flowers.

Happy children in the summer, the summer, the summer,

Happy children in the summer, jump in the pool.

Happy children in the autumn, the autumn, the autumn,

Happy children in the autumn, play in the leaves.

Happy children in the winter, the winter, the winter,

Happy children in the winter, make a snow man.

Obviously your song will be different with your own children’s suggestions.  You could do the song several times if you wanted to incorporate more of the children’s ideas.

This song builds language skills  as the children express their ideas and sing about them.  Literacy skills are also emphasized as they watch you convert their suggestions into written words  on the paper.  Lastly, an understanding about the seasons builds scientific knowledge  and an awareness of nature.

Enjoy singing with your happy children!

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Photography: Manu Mohan, manumohan.com


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