These are the Four Seasons!

seasons chart

Here’s how I like to teach the four seasons to preschoolers.  Using chart paper, draw a circle, divide it into fourths, and label it with the title and the seasons as you see in the picture above.  Then, using the cards on this PDF download-

Four Seasons Sorting Chart

-talk to the children about the four seasons and sort first the trees, then the weather, then the clothing to the appropriate section of the season chart. 

Again, you may very likely be able to draw better pictures for this, but hey, these ones are already done….and they’re free!  Just to clarify any of my artistic liberty, the spring page has a budding tree with blossoms, rain drops on early flowers, and a T-shirt; summer has a tree with apples (I know you pick them in early fall, but they begin to show in summer), a hot sunshine, and stylish swimsuits; fall features a colorful fall tree, leaves in the wind, and a jacket; winter has a bare, “sleeping” tree, snowflakes, and a hat and mittens.

Once your chart is completed you can complement your discussion with this song:

These are the Four Seasons (Tune: 10 Little Indians, with some obvious counting adjustments to fit the words.)

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

These are the Four Seasons!

As you and the children sing, point to the appropriate section on the chart.  Make sure you sing slowly, particularly as you learn the song together.

This activity builds math and science concepts as you discuss, sort, and chart the different characteristics of the four seasons.  Music and language are also incorporated as you sing the song together.  Enjoy ‘The Four Seasons’!

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  1. That is a cute song for seasons 🙂 I wrote a four seasons song your readers might enjoy too!

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