Autumn Leaves Song


Here’s a song you probably already know, but just in case you don’t I’ll share it with you!  It’s so simple and perfect for the season.  As we sing, I have the children float their hands back and forth down to the ground like falling leaves.  Here’s the song:

Autumn Leaves (tune: London Bridges)

Autumn leaves are falling down

Red, gold, and brown,

Down to the ground!

Autumn leaves are falling down,

We love autumn!

I usually precede this song by talking about the fall season, and the fact that it’s also called autumn.  We talk about the changing leaves and look at a few colorful samples from outside.  I also like to bring in some needles from an evergreen tree to compare and discuss.  Also, other fun tree items to examine in this discussion are acorns, Maple tree seeds (helicopter seeds), and nests (if you happen to find an abandoned one).

This song and discussion builds science knowledge about seasons, cycles of living things, and characteristics of trees.  Singing is also a great language builder and promote phonological awareness!

This song also goes very nicely with the leaf parachute activity  I’ll be posting soon!!!

For more favorite fall activities, click here!

Top photo by porah.


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