Field Trips for Preschool Foodies

If you’re looking for a food-themed field trip destination for your preschoolers the possibilities are almost endless!  Here are just a few suggestions:

Local Grocery Store– Most stores would accomodate you for a field trip, showing the areas of the store (bakery decorates a cake, deli slices some ham samples, etc.), the back stock rooms, and enormous refrigerators.  Some even have formal education programs.  Children love to see someplace familiar in a new way!  Contact the customer service desk at your local favorite shopping spot!

Bakeries, Pizza Parlors, or other Restaurants – Many places would love to show you how they make their wares and even let your kiddos get in on the action, making their own samples.  Call around or work your connections and see what they can offer to show and tell your little ones!

Food Factories – Seeing food transform from raw product to packaged and ready to sell, is almost magical!  Check your local area for cheese factories, candy factories, cookie factories, or what-have-you.  Many have field trip programs and/or observation decks.

Go to the Source – Farms are where it all begins!  If you live near a dairy farm or other farm, you may be able to get a peek at how food really starts its journey to our tables!

Find a Fellow Foodie – Do you have a friend who is an amateur chef extraordinaire?  Go to the his or her kitchen or invite him or her to come to your class and lead the little ones in a cooking project or to show some of the best culinary gadgets and how they work!

As with all field trips and visitors, check in advance for availability, restrictions, and costs.  Be sure to be clear with your guide/visitor about your objectives, the ages of your children, and some examples of what you’d like the experience to be like.

Any other great foodie field trip ideas you’d like to share?

For more food-themed activities, click here!

Top photo by oboi.



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