Stuff the Snow Clouds!

Here’s a quick activity to do as part of your music and movement time, after reading a great wintry book, or any time you just need to work some wiggles out!  You don’t even need any supplies, so it’s ready to go whenever you need it!

Have the children help you make a snowstorm by first, reaching up high, as high as they can, to fill the clouds with snow.  Reach with alternating arms and really get into the action, stuffing those clouds full of flakes!  Then, once they’re “full”, the snow begins to fall!  Wiggle your fingers and sway slowly from side to side, all the way down to your toes for a gentle snow storm.  Reach up again and repeat several times.  If a bigger storm is in the forecast, speed it up and wiggle wildly to make a blizzard!  Change up the speeds to keep it fun and to teach the concepts of “fast” and “slow”, as well as giving opportunities for children to develop motor control and impulse control.  

Have fun, and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 

For more wintry activities, click here!

Top graphic by Kriss Szkurlatowski.


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One response to “Stuff the Snow Clouds!

  1. I just love music and movement ideas – creating a wintery storm would certainly be fun for the children. Cute idea!

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