Bring in the Snow!

Next time you’re out shovelling the walk, shovel a bit into a bucket and bring it inside!  Fill your sensory table with snow and try one of these fun activities for exploring the enchanting powder with your little ones!

*Place cookie cutters in the sensory table for the children to press into packed snow.  Using geometric shapes gives you an opportunity to talk about these shapes during the activity and at group time as well, when you pull the cutters out again as you discuss the day’s activities.

*Set out small containers of colored water and droppers for the children to add color to the snow.  You could also use hairspray-type pump bottles with colored water.  These activities promote small motor strength and control, while also providing color-mixing experiences.

*Place colored salt in shakers and see what happens as the children shake the different colors into the snow! 

*Provide containers of various sizes and shapes for the children to pack the snow into and create snowy castles.

*Have the children explore the snow with and without gloves or mittens, and talk about how they keep us warm and why we need them.

*Bring out your magnifiers and look at the snow up close!  Take pictures and/or have the children draw pictures of it.  Spend the day exploring and talking about the snow!  Once the snow has melted, examine it with the magnifiers again, and take/draw pictures again.  Talk about the change and what the children have discovered in the process.  A fantastic science exploration activity that can include the entire process of scientific inquiry!

If you happen to live in one of the corners of the globe where the white stuff rarely makes an appearance, try Steve Spangler’s Insta-Snow for a similar experience, as Vanessa suggested!

For more wintry activities, click here!

Photo by Mattox.


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