Snow Dough Snow Men

If you’re itching to build a snowman with your little ones, but you’re local climate doesn’t support such an activity, whip up some of your own snow dough.  This is just a spin on the Classic Playdough Recipe.  Follow that recipe but add about 1/4-1/2 cup white tempera powder to increase the whiteness and the fluffiness (or simply omit any color, and you’ll end up with white-ish dough).  Add some glitter as well for real appeal.  The final product is a sparkly white playdough that can be rolled into snowmen, or manipulated into other snowy creations. Provide pipe cleaners and beads for the snowmen’s noses, eyes, and buttons.  You might also consider other items like yarn, fabric, what-have-you!  Inserting these kinds of accessories builds fine motor skills and often encourages use of the pincer grasp, critical for budding writers.  Manipulating playdough enhances fine motor strength while also fostering creativity.  Enjoy some fun in the snow….dough!

For more wintry activities, click here!

Snowman graphic by Mr Basmt.



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3 responses to “Snow Dough Snow Men

  1. What wonderful ideas! I teach a three and four year old preschool class. I’ve looked at a lot of websites and i think your’s is the best I’ve seen!

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