Heart Art

Sorry for the delay in posts!  It’s teething time again around here, and I’ve been spending a lot of time snuggling a certain 10-month old.  You’d  take snuggling him over writing too if you saw those eyes!

So, while I was planning on giving you plenty of heart art ideas here, I’ll finish the write up of the ones I had ready and link you to some great ones I’ve found on another site by a blogger I assume doesn’t have any teething ten-month olds.

Why don’t we start with a little Fold Art?

I love the symmetry of hearts. They’re perfect for fold art! You can do this with any paint, but I love using syrup paint, for something different….and shiny! A little goes a long way here, so if you can, help your little ones to slow down and see what happens as they add each dropper of paint and then fold. The paint spreads out and takes up more space and it also creates those fantastic symmetrical designs!  (Just make sure they open them back up to dry, or they will stick shut!)

Homemade Stampers

Make your own stampers by cutting sponges and hot gluing them (they must be dry to adhere) to small containers.


I found an empty spice bottle worked best, but detergent caps, empty spools, and  PVC pipe could be used as well.  Whatever beautiful junk you may have that will fit right into a little hand! 

You can cut heart shapes, or get the kiddos in on the action and let them cut out their own abstract shapes!

Here are some stencils I quickly made up out of manilla folders. Set these out with art trays, paper, paint, and printing instruments like bubble wrap, texture rollers, print blocks, even marbles and golf balls for rolling.  When the painting is done, remove the stencil for a heart art masterpiece.

These three activities promote creativity, small motor skills, and even some math concepts as you examine the symmetry!

I also wanted to recommend the activities over at Sheryl’s blog, here, here, and here.  They’re just fantastic!

If you aren’t planning on making anymore Valentine’s projects, remember that any of these techniques could be used on any shape of paper!  It’s the process and experience that makes them great!  The hearts are just a bonus!

 For more Valentine’s Day activities click here!


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