Cornmeal Play

If you’re looking for something new to put in your sensory table, consider cornmeal!  Some types are more fine than others – the fine stuff can leave a bit of a dusty residue on those little hands, but no permanent harm done, right?  Whether you have coarse or fine cornmeal, the kiddos just love it!  Compliment the play with toy cars, scoops in a variety of sizes, and even combs to create a fun texture!  Around Valentine’s Day, I threw in some foam hearts and the children kept themselves engaged burying and digging up their “treasures”!  You could add any foam features, plastic figures, or some beads or rocks. 

Sensory play builds curiosity and creativity in children as they engage in open-ended play.  Small motor skills are also developed as they dig and scoop and manipulate the material.  Language and social skills also come into play as the children work together and create dramatic storylines along with their play.  Try it out!


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Filed under fine motor skills, Learning through Play and Experience, sensory activity, supplies

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