Bev Bos’ Secret to Successful Shaving Cream Art

I do enjoy Bev Bos!  That woman is in a league of her own!  Well, it’s thanks to Bev that I’ve learned the secret to great shaving cream painting!  In the past, I’ve had children paint with colored shaving cream, and they’ve had a great experience, but unless they spread the foam out, once that foam’s dry, it all seems to fall apart.  Enter Bev.  Her big secret is to add equal parts Elmer’s glue and shaving cream and whip them together.  Then add your color and you’re good to go!

One of the best kinds of fingerpaints ever!  (Great with brushes too for the mess-avoidant child.)  You can add glitter right to it, or let the little ones sprinkle it on top.  It’s still fragile after it dries, but it does hold it’s shape- and the sparkles- much better than shaving cream alone!

It’s a great sensory activity, creative activity, and small motor activity.  And really, it’s just plain fun!  Who can walk past a pot of colorful foam and not want to join in?  And as I look at these projects, and think of Bev Bos, I’m reminded of her statement, “children have to use too much”.  It’s not a judgemental statement, it’s a reminder of the exuberance with which they approach art.  So be prepared to supply them with “too much” of your art supplies!  In fact, I’ve learned that when given a shaker of glitter, the typical child will empty it entirely onto one piece of paper.  It doesn’t really seem to matter whether the shaker had .8 oz or 18 oz!  So I now use a smaller amount in the shakers (or smaller shakers) and refill them if needed for the next child.  That way, each child can have the satisfaction of emptying the container!  ♥



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6 responses to “Bev Bos’ Secret to Successful Shaving Cream Art

  1. Bev Boss is amazing. She will be here in Indy in April – very excited about that!

  2. Jill

    My children go to Bev Bos’ preschool out here in CA and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

    Not sure if you are aware of this but she has a new thing called “Starting in a Corner”. It’s a cd-rom magazine subscription that will come out monthly. It will feature a video clip of the school in action, a music video of Bev and Michael, complete project plans from oen of the projects, a ‘dear friends’ letter from Bev/Michael, and a book review. ALL on one cd!! I saw the first month and it is awesom!!

    Hope that everyone can subscribe! Please pass this info along and share the wonderful gifts of these amazing folks.

    I think you can order it from their web site:

    LOVE the art work!!

    • notjustcute

      Wow! You and your children are SO lucky! Bev Bos is amazing! Thanks for the info on the new project!

    • Jill!!!
      How cool that we read the same article! Hey go down to Turn the Page and tell them you’re RCP and they’ll give you a free copy of Starting in a Corner. I got mine last week!! We really do have some LUCKY kids to have Bev around them everyday!

      ~ Heather

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