A Giveaway – Because the Sun is Shining

Click, Clack, Quackity-quack

It’s a gorgeous day today!  The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the air could almost be called warm.  A beautiful day like today makes this weekend’s winter storm warning so hard to believe.  But living in the present, today gives me hope that spring is on its way!  So in honor of a sunny day, and because I’m high on the sunshine-induced endorphins, I’m giving away two of these sunny yellow books!  Doreen Cronin’s Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack is a cleverly alliterated barnyard alphabet book.   I have two paperback copies I want to share with you!  Just comment here and let me know about your favorite things to do with children in the spring.  Two winners will be chosen at random on Monday morning.  Maybe reading your ideas will keep me warm when I’m back in the snow this weekend!



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20 responses to “A Giveaway – Because the Sun is Shining

  1. Sheri Brown

    Maybe not quite yet – but pretty soon – I like to takes walks with children and find signs of spring: buds on trees, green grass, flowers, a robin. Then come back inside and use oils pastels to draw how spring makes us feel. Too intangible? Draw something that reminds me of what I saw.

  2. GBKnaub

    After reading “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” my Granddaughter and I march around the house singing HiHo HiHo Off to work we go. Or if we are outside walking around the block she races ahead of me yelling “You Can’t Catch Me I’m the Gingerbreadman” I love the time I spend with my grandbabies. So many fun memories. gbk

  3. Fun things in the Spring:
    Since we live in the Sunshine State, my two sons love to go and watch the alligators sunning themselves in the ponds by our home.
    The gators prefer Spring over any other season, as they seem to like it in the low 70s.
    My boys also love to go out in the Spring to look for insects, frogs, and toads.
    The ponds by our home are usually hopping in Spring with frogs and toads, birds, and gators.
    What fun!

  4. Brittany A.


    Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. We have been laughing at my house, because everytime the garage door opens Luke (18 months) runs outside as fast as his little legs can carry him. It doesn’t matter to him if it is raining, snowing, or just plain freezing outside. Today was a nice change and it was great to see Luke and Brandeis (6) playing together with Light Sabers. I was able to get some great video.

    I love your site, you amaze me.

  5. Mandy

    My favorite thing to do in spring is to show my kids the ducks that always come to nest on our playground. We love to watch them build their nest and then wait for the ducklings to arrive.

  6. thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway, I just love books! well, here in Florida it wasn’t sunny at all today 🙂 but that’s o.k.
    Now our favorite thing to do in spring with my daughter is plain going to the park and having a picnic 🙂 hopefully that keeps you warm for a while lol

  7. Melissa

    We like to do anything -outside. As soon as the sun starts shining, the bikes and scooters start pouring out of the garage. We hang out on the porch and enjoy the signs of spring or ride around and around the driveway.

  8. Jenna

    Our favorite thing is just to PLAY outside. We love flying kites, playing frisbee or just kicking a ball!

  9. My kids are already asking when we can set up the trampoline, and we love the park too. We’re definitely not fans of winter, but at least it helps us appreciate spring!

  10. Ashley R.

    I love to sit outside and let my kids draw on the sidewalk with chalk!

  11. Heather

    I am helping in a pre-school room of 3-5 years old. With my own children and in the classroom, I let them use the Fisher-Price digital cameras. We go outside and take pictures of spring.

  12. Amy P

    I have so much reading to do, your site is awesome! I feel like I’ve been in a slump as a mom the last few weeks so I am SO looking forward to spring. We love to be outside. B likes playing I spy with my little eye… and we are looking forward to teaching B to ride without training wheels. Have a two year old will be fun because everything seems new to him as he is able to communicate about what he sees. We are just excited to be outside.

    Good times today,

  13. Alex

    I have two favorites, the first is anything involving planting things with the students and then monitoring its growth together. The second is kite-making, March 20th is national kite day!

  14. Splash in puddles and just get outside in the sunshine.

  15. Lindsey

    I am so excited to have found your blog this weekend…
    I teach two year olds. Spring is great for exploring the weather, it seems to change so quickly and dramaticly throughout the day. This past week we had a blast playing with our shadows outside and listening to and watching the rain. This coming week we are hopefully going to do some rain painting. I hope we will get to see a rainbow soon!
    (sunshine is great but rain is so fun too)

  16. Michele

    Spring means we can and do spend a lot more time outside. We live in Wyoming, so it can get pretty cold and windy in the winter. With Spring, we start poking around the yard more, we spend lots more time at the park (we do this in the winter too, but it’s always soooo cold and wet), and just enjoy the warmth that comes with the sunshine. Once the snow (and ice) melts, we’ll make our way to the creek and throw some rocks into the water.

  17. Tara

    my favorite spring activity with the kids is walking around the neighborhood to see all the changes that are occurring!

  18. Christina Davis

    My son is just 14 months old, and not yet walking, but throughout his life we take a 2-mile walk through our state park 3-4 days a week. My son LOVES to watch the tree limbs blow in the wind and clouds move. He now gets really excited when he sees a plane.

  19. Kimberly

    I love new books!

  20. gillian

    well, we don’t really have spring here (hot weather year round) but I love Easter and making hot cross buns and with the little one.

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