Guest-Posting at Modern Familia

I’m over at Modern Familia today, with a post about sensory play for preschoolers.  Here’s an excerpt:

Children Are Wired to Receive and Utilize Sensory Input From Birth

Think of your average preschooler. How long has this child been proficient with language?  Depending on the age, the child may not really be too proficient yet! Others seem to have been talking non-stop since 2 1/2, but that means they’ve been talking now for all of…..about a year!

Now think of how long these children have been seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling, and tasting. Their whole lives! Children are wired to receive and utilize sensory input from day one. This is why children will dive in hands first, exploring a new substance. The senses are their most familiar, most basic way to explore, process, and come to understand new information.

Click here to read the entire post.

Photo by Raul A


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