Dear Sweet Puddin’head

I’ve been working on some pretty comprehensive posts lately, so I decided it was time for some fluff.  LITERALLY. 

I give to you, one of the simplest and most versatile recipes in my repertoire, Puddin’head.  This tasty stuff results from the combination of pudding and whipped topping.  We’ve used it for quite some time in our house, as a frosting spread on cakes and piped onto cupcakes, a substitute for plain Cool Whip in desserts like this chocolate trifle, a hot chocolate topping, or a tasty filling in crepes or on waffles along with some fruit.  After referring to it for too long as “that yummy pudding-Cool Whip stuff”, my husband finally gave it its Twain-esque moniker, and it has stuck. 

This recipe is so simple, your little ones will love to help you out with it, and will likely volunteer to lick the spoon as well.  The directions are simple and completely open to tweaking.  All you do is mix one vanilla pudding packet with half of the milk called for on the package.  Whisk until it begins to thicken.  Then fold in one container of Cool Whip.  That’s it!  Use it in one of the many ways I described above, or eat it straight from the bowl.  (I won’t judge you!) 

After sharing this recipe with people they usually ask what sizes to use.  The answer – it doesn’t really matter.  I’ve used one large package of pudding and one large Cool Whip,  two small puddings and one small Cool Whip, one small pudding and one small Cool Whip, and virtually ever other combination you can imagine!  It’s always good.  More pudding in your proportion means more flavor and more density.  But it’s always good. 

As I said, tweaking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.  I’ve used vanilla pudding, French vanilla, and even chocolate.  All delicious!  I’ve also blended cream cheese in with the pudding portion of the recipe.  Also tasty!  You can add coloring if you need to and it still works- and tastes – fantastic.

One puddin’head use I really love this time of year is as a filling for ice cream sandwiches.  Dollop or spread between two graham crackers, place them on a sheet and set them in the freezer.  Once they’ve firmed up, you can transfer them to an airtight container, separating layers with wax paper.  It’s a cool and tasty summertime treat!  Get fancy and press sprinkles into the sides or dip half of the sandwich in melted chocolate.  Whatever makes you happy! 

So kick back, relax, and add some fluff to your day!

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One response to “Dear Sweet Puddin’head

  1. Nollie

    I can vouch for the delectability of Puddin’ Head, one of our favorite treats that we learned from Mandy. I can never resist just eating it straight out of the bowl. Another use for it is as a light dessert for parties, but dressed up to look fancy. I prefer chocolate, served in individual clear plastic cups with fresh berries, chocolate shavings, or crumbled (or whole) Oreos and a dollop of Cool Whip on top.

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