Fill it Up! Soapy, Sudsy, Sensory Fun!

It’s often surprising how the simplest activities will keep kids engaged for the longest time!  Such is the case with this simple sensory activity!  Simple supplies and preparation, but the kiddos just love it!

Add water to your sensory table or sensory bin.  I also like to just a little bit of color to make it easier to see and just a tad more intriguing.  I also added soap for a sudsy effect. (I like to use baby soap to prevent any painful eye-rubbing experiences!)  Add some of your favorite water toys like ladles, spoons, funnels, re-purposed laundry scoops, and water wheels.  Add some emptied and washed clear water bottles.  On a whim, I also added some of those flat marbles sold for fish bowls, and the kids were enthralled with them, scooping them up like treasure and using them to weigh down the water bottles while they filled them.

The children will explore and experiment as they find what makes the water bottles sink or float, what makes the bubbles appear and disappear, and how to use the various tools.  Small motor skills and hand-eye coordination are also enhanced during this enthralling play.  The children will love to fill and empty the bottles over and over again.  And you’ll love watching them learn and grow through play!

If you need a reminder as to the benefits of sensory play, read about them HERE.
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