Weekend Reads 9/11/10

I LOVED the article Positive Verbal Environments in NAEYC’s journal, Young Children.  A great discussion on how the words we use with children influence our relationships with them, and their own social competency.

If you’re not afraid to get messy, here’s a really cool action painting activity at Child Central Station: Pendulum Painting!

This hands-on math exploration is just great!  Activity Mom shows a wonderful way to explore number concepts with a Math Water Bag!

Here’s an interesting look at the debate about academics and play in early education: Kindergarten – It’s the New First Grade.

And lastly, as my mind has been bouncing between the items on my unending to-do list: Confirm next training session, organize another home education lesson, map out next training run- ooh, that would be a great bush to put in the front beds this fall, better add that to the list- outline Literacy Night for son’s school, and what time is soccer practice?….This post from Simple Mom spoke to me: Productivity and Quality Down Time: They Go Hand in Hand.

Now go enjoy the weekend with some real down time!

Top photo by Mateusz Stachowski.
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2 responses to “Weekend Reads 9/11/10

  1. Mariah

    What a great reading list! I’ve just spent an hour at Activity Mom gathering ideas. And the articles are very insightful. I was happy to see I’m getting more right than wrong in how I speak to my students.

    Thanks so much for finding these gems and sharing them!

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