Weekend Reads: September 18, 2010


Last week I linked to an article stating that Kindergarten has become the New First Grade.  This week I read about a study claiming Nearly One Million Children in the US are Potentially Misdiagnosed with ADHD and couldn’t help but wonder about the connection between the two.  Don’t be surprised to see a full post on this later!

Read this brilliant response to the question of whether or not babies should be taught how to read.

As I was perusing activity posts my son bolted across the room to check out these felt car mats (there are some great links to more within the post).  I particularly like this idea for connecting the mini mats to mix and match for a variety of big mats to play on! (Oh and you have to check out the gas pumps using shoe laces — Brilliant!)  I’m thinking of having my boys each design a few and then linking them together.

This link may seem to stray a bit from my focus of supporting whole child development, but a happy child comes from a happy home, and this is one of the best posts on marriage I’ve ever read: We All Married the Wrong Person.

Enjoy the Weekend!

Top photo by Iva Villi.
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7 responses to “Weekend Reads: September 18, 2010

  1. fermaria

    I enjoyed your weekend reads and found Kindergarten has become the New First Grade very interesting.
    Now, my only question is…
    Is it a coincidence that the person who sustains the following quote is called Loveless?
    “I think even an advantaged child who attends a play-based kindergarten pays some sort of price because that is a portion of the day that could be going for cognitive development but isn’t.”
    What price will be paying as society if we deprive children from playing?? Oh! Love, come back to our hearts and let children live their childhood in peace!

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  3. Liz

    My son just started Kindergarten & I had to work with him during the summer to teach him to write his name, at least know how to count to 10 and recognize his letters. I think it’s alot for a 5yr old, but what can one do. Too much technology.

  4. Thank you for linking up to our car mats! I just found your site and I LOVE it!

  5. lorilowe

    Thanks for sharing my post, We all married the wrong person! The response was so overwhelming that I published a follow-up and thought you might be interested in giving your feedback: http://wp.me/pgTZD-v3. Thanks again!
    Lori Lowe

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