Weekend Reads 10/2/10

I’m up in Idaho running a half marathon today!  While I’m out pounding the pavement, my wandering mind might reflect back on these interesting posts I read this week:

Dr. Michele Borba gives some great tips for increasing empathy in children: Raising Sensitive Kids.

My kindergartener had a blast with a scavenger hunt that combined ideas from these two posts: Scientific Scavenger Hunt and Codes for Kids.

I liked this playful spin on number recognition over at Serving Pink Lemonade.  If you have a car lover, you’re set!  If you don’t, mix it up and use another favorite toy!

Here’s some great food for thought from Well Grounded Life, reminding us to pay attention to all the “little things” in life.

Fall begins the soup season, and here is a list of soup recipes from My Blessed Life.  Besides being warm and hearty, I love soups because they’re generally very economical and easy to adapt for a time-saving crockpot!

And while I’ve got you thinking about fall, Kara at SimpleKids has some beautiful thoughts about how to Savor Autumn with your little ones.  Great tips to remember!

We all want to be better: Better parents, better teachers, better friends, better people!  Jack Canfield said, “If you’re passionate about what you do, then you’re going to look for everything you can to get better at it.”  Mandi at Life..Your Way had some great tips for setting and accomplishing your goals, whether your goal is personal or professional, these tips will help you get there!

That’s a lot of links, I know, but I’m not a fast runner, so there will be plenty of time to think about each one!  Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Top photo by Andrew Conn.


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