Weekend Reads 10/9/10

This has been a crazy week!  Juggling schedules, a tri-state road trip (from which we brought home a quirky but short-lived virus as a souvenir), my oldest turned six (SIX!), and I learned that if you frost a cake and stick your child’s favorite action figures on top, they’ll react with as much excitement as they do for the cakes you spend three days decorating!  Amid the chaos, I managed to steal away a little time for reading, and thought I’d share some of the best reads I came across this week!  As I looked back, there seemed to be a theme: Slow Down.  I’ll try!  Hope you enjoy!

Communication is key to building any strong relationship.  Dr. Michelle Borba gives some great tips on Getting Your Kids to Open Up About Their School Day.  Take the time to talk – it’s a tiny investment that yields huge returns!

Kat shared some ideas about creating morning traditions that help start the day out right over at Steady Mom.  (It certainly crossed my mind several times this week when I had to consciously slow down our mornings!)

I really loved what Mandi Ehman had to say about her “Better Late than Early” philosophy for parenting.  A great reminder to slow it down, and make teaching moments authentic!

I loved this idea from Kara at Simple Kids to explore the Autumn seasons through your senses.  It made me want to create an Autumn Journal with my kiddos, organized by the five senses, where they could create drawings, write entries, or tape on samples of how they’ve enjoyed the fall.

And last of all, a reminder to sit down and enjoy a good book – and a good laugh – with your kids!  Here’s a list of silly books kids loveWhat’s the best giggle-getter book on your shelves?

Top photo by Christianne Cox.

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2 responses to “Weekend Reads 10/9/10

  1. Thanks for the great list! I love the “getting kids to open up” post. I’m also a huge fan of steady mom and actually included that same link in my Friday Favorites!

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