Weekend Reads 10/23/10


Here are some fun and interesting ideas from around the web:

If you’re looking for some fun Halloween activities and have some extra felt on-hand, check out these Halloween finger puppets , or these Frightening Faces.  For more spook-tacular fun, check out these Spooky Bones, this Goopy Slime (with a variation here as well), and this Creepy Halloween Food. (I think I know a certain 4 year-old who will go crazy for those mummy cupcakes!)

While you’re in a creative mood, take a peek at this great DIY Stamp activity!  Loved the open-ended nature of this one!

If you’re concerned by the common disregard for developmentally appropriate practice, you have to read this great piece by Alicia Bayer about the cost of Pushing Preschoolers.

I enjoyed this post by Teacher Tom about the Unintended Consequences of real art.  Great samples and a wonderful art activity along with some really great points about art!

I shared my feelings on the shortcomings of a letter-of-the-week based curriculum here.  So naturally I enjoyed reading Joanne Meier’s take on the topic recently in N is for No Letter of the week.

Halloween is on its way, and I’m curious.  Are you planning on doing your Trick-or-Treating next Saturday or Sunday?  I think we’ll have candy at our door both nights.  (But don’t get any ideas about double-dipping now!)

Enjoy the weekend!

Top photo by naneki.

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4 responses to “Weekend Reads 10/23/10

  1. Thanks for linking up to us!

    We are planning on celebrating Halloween on Saturday (the whole town is…)

  2. ad65shorty

    I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I love your teaching philosophies and the research behind your ideas. As an early childhood education major myself with a couple of years of teaching experience, I find that many people don’t have the same “play-based” approach that I think is so critical for children’s development (like my son’s KINDERGARTEN teacher, for pete’s sakes!) It’s nice to find someone who shares my opinions. Thanx for a great blog and for backing up your thoughts with research. I will be linking to some of these articles myself!

  3. Thank you so much for including the Halloween Finger Puppet project idea – I hope you had a lot of fun with it!

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