Guest Post: Teaching the Art of Sharing

I’m so happy to be writing as a guest at Simple Kids again today!  Slide on over and check it out!  I’m also happy to be *this close* to finishing up with my ebook on  Parenting with Positive Guidance.  Make sure you’re subscribed to this blog so you won’t miss out on early purchasing discounts!

All kids love sharing….as long as that means you have something to share with them! But when it comes time for these little ones to part with some valued treasure of their own, they quickly set aside their passion for equal divisions.  Here are a few reasons why sharing can be such a struggle, and some simple steps that we as parents can take to ease the way…

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Photo by Bart Hickman.
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2 responses to “Guest Post: Teaching the Art of Sharing

  1. Congratulations on your ebook! I look forward to hearing more about it.

    I used to work with young children and their parents always complained that the children didn’t share. I sometimes answered by asking them if they could share their new BMW with me or share their new earings for a couple of days.
    They usually smiled.
    The truth is, we don’t come from a grown up culture who “shares” very much with each other, but we expect our children to be something entirely different!

    • notjustcute

      Thanks for your comment, Kimberly. You’re right. Too often we expect children to share EVERYTHING, when that’s not realistic or fair. What a great comparison, with the BMW!

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