Weekend Reads 11/20/10

 Here’s a special treat, sent to me from my dad, a faithful newspaper reader!  Let’s Choose Teachers from the Top of the Class.  Thanks, Pops!

In case you didn’t read ALL of the comments from Age Does Matter… Michelle at the Parent Vortex shared these links to interesting articles on ADHD and society by Peter Gray:
ADHD and the School: The Problem of Assessing Normalcy in an Abnormal Environment.
The “ADHD Personality”: It’s Cognitive, Biological, and Evolutionary Foundations.

Kara at SimpleKids wrote about Advent Activities and the notion of moving from counting the days to making the days count.  Wonderful ideas to get you started!

For those looking for less reading and more activities, try:

Tracing and Painting Shapes from the Artful Parent
Indian Corn Bubble Wrap Print Making from Pink and Green Mama
A link to a list of links from Nurture Store: Pre-School Science Ideas
And a little Turkey Love: 10 Thanksgiving Turkey Treats for Kids

Top photo by Craig Goodwin.
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3 responses to “Weekend Reads 11/20/10

  1. It’s a real honour to be featured in your Weekend Reads – thanks very much for including NurtureStore.

  2. eelin

    i come fr sgp, one of the countries mentioned in tt article fr your dad. what i see here is that the MOE (Ministry of Education) does invest heavily in the teachers but that the university graduates are often posted either to secondary schools or junior colleges to teach.

    i’d like to see the very best teachers teach in primary school not becos i want them to download their knowledge but to use the best pedagogy for these young ones. i’m confident that the more the MOE looks into pedagogy the more they will see that a more holistic, more DAP approach is best. the wheels are beginning to turn very slowly and there is small, incremental changes. i’m thankful but at the same time wish that there would be a bigger, faster revolution.

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