Parenting With Positive Guidance: Ebook and Discount Code!

Whew!  It’s done!  Parenting with Positive Guidance: Tools for Building Discipline from the Inside Out is now available!  And here’s even more great news:  It’s available for the next five days at a discounted price for my favorite readers.  (That would be you, of course!)  Just enter “NotJustCute” as your coupon code and get it for $7.50!  The code is only good  until 12am Monday morning, when the book becomes available for affiliate sales. 

So slide on over to the Parenting with Positive Guidance ebook page to read more, including a sneak peek at the first few pages and what a few reviewers have to say about the book.

Thank you for inspiring me to write!
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8 responses to “Parenting With Positive Guidance: Ebook and Discount Code!

  1. fermaria

    Wow, it looks great. Congratulations!!!

  2. Mariah

    I haven’t been over to look at the book yet — but congratulations on such an accomplishment! I’m sure it’s a book I’ll want.

  3. fermaria

    Ok! I bought it! After giving it a good read I´ll come back with my feedback. I´m happy to support your e-book and I´m grateful for all what you share in your blog. Wishing you the great success you deserve, with love

  4. maureen

    I just finished Part One and there is a lot of good information here. The examples given throughout the book make it easy to understand and put into practice. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve his or her parenting skills.

  5. notjustcute

    Thanks so much for your support! It really means a lot to me. I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the book!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    I learned about you/your site through Janet Lansbury. I just read the first pages of your book, and I will be purchasing a copy to read. I am also an early childhood educator, and I teach RIE parent/infant classes. I’m always on the look out for good resources to recommend to parents, because as you noted, parenting is a tough job, but one that can be made more enjoyable with a little support, and knowledge.
    I love the supportive tone of the first few pages of your book, and the fact that you don’t set yourself up as a “parenting expert.” Like you, I believe parents thrive when given support, understanding, information, and tools they can use to nurture their children. If parents thrive, children thrive too! I look forward to connecting with you here, and on twitter.

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