Weekend Reads 12.4.10


It’s been one crazy week!  But I stole some time to check in on some of my favorite sources on the web!  Here’s what I wanted to share with you:

I absolutely loved Kat’s list of 128 Simple Family Activities that can make you a Rock Star Today!  Great reminder that it often takes very simple acts to make a big difference with our children.

I was very interested in this interview with author and researcher, Dr. Alison Gopnik on the importance of play in early learning.  Expect more on this topic soon!

Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning delivers on the name of their blog with this great tap-tap geo board idea! 

Children learn through movement Check out these ideas for incorporating movement into other learning areas.


I’ve been enjoying  the book Mooseltoe with some of my favorite little ones lately.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to read it yet, it’s a wonderful book about that moose with the fantastic moustache in the first book, Moosetache.  It’s Christmas time of course, and Moose has everything planned out.  It’s going to be perfectly perfect.  That is until his family realizes on Christmas Eve that he’s forgotten the tree!  It all ends up OK in the end, thanks to the family’s famous glop, and one crazy mustache.  Every time I read it, I think of Mandi Ehman’s free printouts for organizing your Christmas (from Life…Your Way).  If only poor Moose had had some, he would have remembered that tree!  Check them out for yourself and see if your Christmas becomes “so simple, so easy, so perfectly perfect!

My boys love painting coffee filters.  So cheap and so easy that even our toddler can join in.  We made a great fall window display following  Valerie from Frugal Family Fun, and now we’re following that up with snowflakes in blues and purples similar to the ones Valerie shows here.  She also created a pine forest playscape with green filters that the kids will love.  Check out her site for all kinds of coffee-filter craft ideas!

::: Remember to take advantage of the NotJustCute coupon code for my new ebook.  It expires after this weekend!

Top photo by Elaine Meszaros.
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  1. Thanks for including the ebook & planner, Amanda — the Mooseltoe book sounds so cute!

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