Did You Read That? Top Posts of 2010

As one year wound down and another got set to roll, it was fun for me to look over the stats for the year and see what the top posts were.  I think what I found gives a great sampling of what you typically find here at Not Just Cute:

A Handful of Fun: Why Sensory Play is Important for Preschoolers.  Who doesn’t love a little time in the sensory bin? 

Developmentally Appropriate Practice seemed to strike a nerve, as companion posts, Age Does Matter and Finland’s Finest: Why We Need to Take Note of Finland’s Approach to Early Education, generated a lot of reads and a lot of discussion.

Bev Bos’ Secret to Successful Shaving Cream Art solved one of my art dilemmas.  Hope it did the same for you!

Preschool Study Theme: Insects, Bugs, and Other Creepy Crawlies along with one of my favorite activities, Eric Carle Author Study: Building Your Own Very Hungry Caterpillar were widely read, and have me dreaming now of warm spring days.

Unit Theme: Exploring the Arts Through Our Senses put a new spin on two common topics.

Parenting with Positive Guidance was a favorite as well, in spite of the fact that it just came online just one month ago.  (Don’t forget that during the month of January, you can use the code NEWYEAR to get the ebook for just $8).

I also have to list my favorite guest post opportunities,  given to me by two wonderful women who have taught me a lot, and whose friendship I count among my blessings in 2010:

A Starting Place for Social Grace: Simple Kids

Homeschooling is Not Optional: Life…Your Way

Did you have a favorite post from 2010?  What would you like to see more of here in 2011? 

Top photo by Peter Nielsen.
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One response to “Did You Read That? Top Posts of 2010

  1. What a great round up, glad to find someone whose interests are as diverse as mine!

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