Weekend Reads 1.22.11

I wasn’t the only one responding to Amy Chua’s essay in the Wall Street Journal.  The blogosphere was ablaze!  I loved this piece by Jim Taylor PhD:

Parenting: What Chinese-American Mothers Do Right (and Wrong) {Psychology Today}     

After reading these two posts on using tape to create negative space art, my sons and I had a blast doing some tape art.  Now I’m thinking I need to get three canvases and place a vinyl or contact paper heart in the center and set each of my three boys loose to create some great Valentine’s Day art for our home!

Kids Art 101: Using Tape to Create {Childhood 101}

Snowflake Silhouettes  {Little Learners Lounge}

Throw this one in the mix too (and use a comb for texture):

Go Find Your Own Art { Nesting Place}

Here’s a list of some other interesting reads I spotted this week:

40 Productivity Hacks to Make 2011 Your  Best Year Ever {Life… Your Way}

Are You Unknowingly Devaluing Yourself?  {Zen Family Habits}

At One School, A Push for More Play Time {New York Times}

Bumpy Ball Painting {How Long is This Hall}

Science Education Through Gardening and Nature-Based Play {NAEYC}

Remember that the code NEWYEAR (to get Parenting with Positive Guidance for just $8) ends on January 31st!

Have a great weekend!

Top photo by Muris Kuloglija Kula.

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