Weekend Links 2.26.11

I get to spend today in car driving back from visiting family in eastern Oregon, but you could spend it checking out these great posts:

Nurturing Curiosity and Inspiring the Pursuit of Discovery {Presentation Zen}

Playdough Fairy Garden {Little Page Turners}

Tick Tock! {Laugh, Paint, Create}

Spin, Spin, Spin Painting! {The Artful Parent} (My favorite way to use my salad spinner.)

I read this one about a month ago, but it keeps coming back into my mind:

And So We Sat {Sorta Crunchy} 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Top photo by Lysanne Ooteman.
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7 responses to “Weekend Links 2.26.11

  1. Sharon O

    I used to live in Eastern Oregon. North Powder and Baker.
    Now I am in the Portland outskirts… love Oregon. Glad to see a blogger in my general area. take care and be safe.

    • notjustcute

      We are home safe and sound now. Thanks for the well wishes.

      I used to compete in Baker and North Powder in high school sports. They’re just a couple of hours from my home town of Nyssa. Nice open spaces out in those parts! Isn’t it funny how cyberspace can make the world seem so small?

  2. Thanks for the link, friend. So thoughtful of you.

  3. Laura

    I stumbled upon this blog, and am thrilled to have done so! I teach at a very small parent coop preschool, and have for many years. Your philosopy, thoughts, ideas are very close to mine, but your voice is younger, fresher, more current. I needed that with my parents in the school, many of whom seem to be about your age. One said I am a hippie, and my ideas about preschool were outdated! Mentioned your blog, voila! No longer a hippie 🙂
    Thanks for the work you are doing, I look forward to each entry, and your thought provoking comments…old dogs, new tricks!

  4. It’s like you’re on a miiossn to save me time and money!

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