Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is on the Way!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Dr. Seuss.  Not only is his writing creative, humorous, poetic, and lovably quirky, but as an educator I’ve found it to be the perfect vehicle for promoting phonological awareness, a critical skill for building readers.  With his birthday looming just around the corner (March 2), this is a popular time of year for all things Seuss!

Last year I wrote about some of my favorite Dr. Seuss activities in these three posts:

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Five Favorites…To Start

A Triple Scoop of Seuss

This year, I went looking around the blogosphere for some new ideas and found some I can’t wait to try! 

  • An entire Dr. Seuss unit from Chalk Talk, with 40 pages including patterns and printables!
  • Make a hat like the Cat in the Hat using an oatmeal canister with these pointers from Frugal Family Fun Blog.
  • Amy lists some irresistible ideas at Serving Pink Lemonade (Thanks for including mine by the way!)

Do you celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday?  What are some of your favorite activities?  (Feel free to add your links!)

Top photo by EvelynGiggles.
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5 responses to “Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is on the Way!

  1. Thanks so much for linking back to us! Here are a few things I did last year: http://cranecorner.blogspot.com/2010/03/today-you-are-you-that-is-truer-than.html

  2. I’m hosting a whole week of Dr. Seuss books and activities on my blog. It’s fun to share some of my favorite Seuss books with my kids – and the activity ideas are endless!

    Thanks for the wonderful links!

  3. I loved reading through your posts about Dr. Seuss. Especially the Triple Scoop of Seuss. Your ideas to use along with the books were very cool. We started celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday this past weekend. We made Oobleck for the first time after reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck. My kids loved it.


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  5. Annette

    What great links. Thanks. The favorite in our house right now is oh say can you say. So yesterday we had some of finneys freshest fresh fish sandwiches (tuna) and spent the day trying to say simple thimble single shingle. Lots of laughs.

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