Weekend Reads 3.12.11

First off, congrats to Melissa Taylor!   She’s the winner of the Growing an In-Sync Child Giveaway!  Melissa, I’ll be emailing you soon so we can get that on the way!

Here are some great spots around the blogosphere to check out!

Make Your Own Window Clings {Make and Takes}

The Ghost on Peterson’s Farm {Irresistable Ideas for Play Based Learning}

Rhythms and Routines: The Flow of the Week {Simple Kids}

Help Your Child Stay Organized and Productive {Motherhood…Your Way}

Outdoor Classroom Inspiration {Child Central Station}

Math Related Children’s Books {NAEYC}

Kindergarten Math: Lucky Charms Graphing {Kiboomu}

Tissue Paper Forsythia {Pink and Green Mama}  (I was so excited to find this one by chance while I was browsing Pink and Green Mama’s fantastic site!  I had recently seen some cherry blossoms done with the same technique – with pink blossoms on black stems –  but was trying to decide exactly how they were done.  Mystery solved!  Now it’s time to bust out the supplies!)

Enjoy your weekend!

 Top photo by Joanne Kim.
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3 responses to “Weekend Reads 3.12.11

  1. Yea! I almost bought it yesterday but decided to read the Out of Sync child first — now I can read both!!! Thanks so much!! So much sync going around . . .

  2. Tina

    Now I understand why the timeout thing has never worked for me or my kids. The coaching analogy makes sense. As usual, I learned something new from your posts, thanks! (And yes, the Aggies did get the shaft!)

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