Dev. Objectives


Photo courtesy of osmar01.

The activities and articles in this blog all come with developmental objectives, meaning their purpose is to contribute to the overall development of the child.  If the only objective for an activity is that “it’s cute” you will succeed in having a cute project, and possibly having children who appreciate cute things.  If you want children who quite likely still create cute projects and appreciate cute things, but also have the opportunity to develop other aspects of their potential, such as creative expression, physical control, language skills, and critical thinking, then you want to include some developmental objectives in your planning.

Developmental objectives include areas such as:  Cognitive, CreativeLanguage & Literacy, MathMotor Skills and Physical Development, Pro-social Skills, and Sensory / Science.  Click on any of these categories for a description of each developmental objective.  You can find activities for specific developmental objectives, by clicking on the desired objective in the categories column.

We owe it to the children that we love and teach, to give them the chance to experience a childhood full of wonderment and to experiment with their potential in every facet of what makes them human.  Not just things that are “cute”.


3 responses to “Dev. Objectives

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  2. Susan

    I worry that we focus so much on young children’s intellectual development at the expense of their interpersonal, social skills. I truly believe that we need to encourage the WHOLE child- problem solving skills will come from creative, interactive play.

  3. Eh mas mas, ati ati loh, sebenernya dompet kulit impor itu mengandung semacam jampi-jampi pengasihan. bagi siapapun yang menggunakannya niscaya akan jatuh ke pelukan pemberinya. ..haaaHhaa..your next blog post probably would be :mengambil oleh2 dirumah cici &##822;&82111;>> bermalam dirumah cici PART 2Huahaaa. .—- Indras last blog post……

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