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Growing an In-Sync Child (Giveaway!)

Growing an In-Sync Child

 Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman had me interested before I even opened their new book, Growing an In-Sync Child.  I was already familiar with the Out-of-Sync Child books, written by Kranowitz as a toolbox for helping kids with Sensory Processing Disorder.  I had actually just picked up one of the resources to use with some of the consulting work I do when I was given a copy of this newer book.

The premise of the new book really struck me, and yet seemed so obvious.  The work that Carol and Joye had devoted more than 70 combined years to, has been life-changing  for children with SPD.  But children with SPD are not the only ones who become out-of-sync.  We all have our out-of-sync moments.  In fact, today’s pace and culture seems often to perpetuate this out-of-sync state.  As Joye and Carol question in their book, “Is it the child that is out of sync – or is it the world?”

The rough-and-tumble childhood that many of us enjoyed has been displaced in many corners by technology or litigated beyond recognition.  opportunities for movement and real life experience are often being traded for computer games and seat work in the name of academic progress.  But are we ignoring how children are naturally wired to develop, grow, and learn?

“Instant gratification may be possible when booting up a computer, but it is impossible when raising a child.  Times may change, but the time required for a child to grow and develop never will.  Human development permits no shortcuts.” (pg 5)

So Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman applied their vast experience in the areas of education, human development, occupational therapy, and motor therapy to supply parents and caregivers with a very reader-friendly guide for giving ALL children playful opportunities to develop their bodies and minds. 

Their book explains the theory within the first fifty short but compelling pages.  It outlines the necessary components of development contributing to a state of being in-sync, falling into the three categories: sensory processing skills, perceptual motor skills, and visual processing skills.  They discuss, with great examples, how these skills that we often take for granted are developed through experience and why they are critical for any one of us just to get through the day.

Even seat work, they point out, relies upon skills gained through these playful experiences.  As they so poignantly write, it takes “years of moving to prepare the child to sit quietly at a desk.”

The bulk of the 200+ page book is devoted to playful application.  It’s an organized, user-friendly resource full of in-sync activities you can do with your child with just a few minutes and some everyday objects.  You’ll recognize some of the activities as fun games from your own childhood, but after reading the background, you’ll see them (and many other everyday activities) from a whole new perspective.

This book is a fantastic resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers and one of you will win a free copy this week!  Just hop onto Twitter and follow Carol and Joye (@InSyncChild) and me (@NotJustCute) and then leave a comment here letting us know you’re in!  I’ll select someone at random and let you know right here along with the Weekend Reads on Saturday morning.

So Get Moving!

Learn more at www.in-sync-child.com, www.joye&carol.com, Carol’s website www.out-of-sync-child.com, or Joye’s website www.kidsmovingco.com.

Both Joye and Carol will be appearing on The Coffee Klatch on Blog Talk Radio on Wednesday, April 20th!
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Lucky Ladies!

It’s a sunny Monday morning, and time for a giveaway!  Thank you to all of you for your comments, and a huge thanks to Sarah Baldwin of Bella Luna Toys  and to Sarah Lee of  Sarah’s Silks!  Please check out their beautiful, high-quality products for children!

OK! Drumroll please…….

 The lucky winner of the costume is Hallie who wrote:

“I know two little girls that would just love to have the princess costume or playsilks…the imagination is endless with both!”

The winner selected for the two playsilks is Barbara Houck, who wrote:
“Already was a fan of Bella Luna Toys on facebook, but I also just “liked” Sarah’s silks too, so hopefully that means we are also entered into the play silks giveaway!”
Enjoy your wonderful prizes, ladies!  You will be contacted through email for further information!
I hope everyone enjoys this new week, and finds plenty of time for imaginative play !

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Imaginative Play Giveaway!

As I laid out my plans to write about imaginative play this week, I thought it would be fun to give away some fantastic dress-up play items.  So, I contacted Bella Luna Toys, an online shop specializing in natural toys that inspire imaginative play, and asked if they might be willing to offer up one of their beautiful silk dress up costumes from Sarah’s Silks as a giveaway as part of this series on fantasy play.  They were more than generous in offering one winner their choice of either a silk Princess Dress or Knight Costume   and another winner will receive two play silks for open-ended pretend play.

Winners are welcome from around the globe, but those outside of the US will be required to pay shipping costs.

So here’s how to enter:

To be eligible for the costume, leave a comment here and at Moon Child, the blog of Bella Luna Toys.
To be eligible for the play silks, become a friend of Sarah’s Silks and Bella Luna Toys on Facebook.

One winner for each giveaway will be chosen on Monday at random.  One entry per person per giveaway.
Good Luck!  And enjoy your weekend!
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Time Timer Giveaway – Winner, Winner, Winner!

So many great ideas for using the Time Timer!  Thank you all for your suggestions!  According to my highly sophisticated system for generating random numbers, the winner is Andrea, who said,

“Well, I have a rather impatient little boy, especially when it comes to food. I would love to be able to show him visually that when I say lunch will be ready in 5 minutes, he can have a better understanding of his wait time. Less abstract.”

Congratulations, Andrea!  I’ll be emailing you to get your shipping information!

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Time Timer Giveaway!

As I’ve been writing about routines and transitions, I’ve thought back to an interesting product I discovered not long ago.  This product, called the Time Timer, displays time visually with a red segment that gets smaller as time progresses.  This is a great way to help children understand the concept of time.  Instead of verbal reminders, which often sound arbitrary to young children who can’t tell if 20 minutes is longer than 5 minutes, time becomes a visual concept. 

The Time Timer could be useful for routines at home (“We have 30 minutes to get ready for bed.  If there’s time left, we can read an extra story.”) as well as at school (“We will have snack time in 20 minutes.”).  It can also be useful for making transition times and time limits more tangible (“Five more minutes until clean up.”  or “You have 15 minutes of computer time.”).  You may even want it for car rides to answer that constant “How much farther?” question.

When I contacted Time Timer to let them know I would be featuring their product, they were kind enough to offer an 8″ Time Timer to be given away to one of my readers.  That’s You!

So here’s the deal:  Leave a comment here with at least one way you would be able to use the Time Timer in your home or classroom.  (One comment per person, please.  New commenters take time to be moderated, so don’t panick if it doesn’t show up right away!)  On Monday morning I will announce the winner, randomly drawn from those comments, and Time Timer will ship you your prize.  Easy enough, right?  Well then, get on with it!  Time’s a wastin’!

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And the Envelope, Please.

Well, I know you’ve been anxiously waiting all weekend …….

According to this random number generator, the book winners are Amy P. and Christina Davis!  I’ll be emailing both of you for mailing information!

Thanks for all of your comments!  Your sunny thoughts got me through a very snowy weekend.  And now, here’s looking to the 60s in the forecast!

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A Giveaway – Because the Sun is Shining

Click, Clack, Quackity-quack

It’s a gorgeous day today!  The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the air could almost be called warm.  A beautiful day like today makes this weekend’s winter storm warning so hard to believe.  But living in the present, today gives me hope that spring is on its way!  So in honor of a sunny day, and because I’m high on the sunshine-induced endorphins, I’m giving away two of these sunny yellow books!  Doreen Cronin’s Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack is a cleverly alliterated barnyard alphabet book.   I have two paperback copies I want to share with you!  Just comment here and let me know about your favorite things to do with children in the spring.  Two winners will be chosen at random on Monday morning.  Maybe reading your ideas will keep me warm when I’m back in the snow this weekend!


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