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Weekend Reads 3.19.11

20 Small Steps Toward an Easier Day — Fifteen Minutes at a Time {Simple Kids}

Green Fizzy Fun {I Can Teach My Child}

Funnel Painting {Tinker Lab}

The gift of reading: Finding the “gift” in any book {Teach Mama}

This post is about 2 years old, but it’s new to me:

Feel like a failure as a parent?  You may be doing everything exactly right. {Confessions of a Mean Mommy}

Enjoy your weekend!

Top photo by Fischkuh.
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Weekend Reads 3.12.11

First off, congrats to Melissa Taylor!   She’s the winner of the Growing an In-Sync Child Giveaway!  Melissa, I’ll be emailing you soon so we can get that on the way!

Here are some great spots around the blogosphere to check out!

Make Your Own Window Clings {Make and Takes}

The Ghost on Peterson’s Farm {Irresistable Ideas for Play Based Learning}

Rhythms and Routines: The Flow of the Week {Simple Kids}

Help Your Child Stay Organized and Productive {Motherhood…Your Way}

Outdoor Classroom Inspiration {Child Central Station}

Math Related Children’s Books {NAEYC}

Kindergarten Math: Lucky Charms Graphing {Kiboomu}

Tissue Paper Forsythia {Pink and Green Mama}  (I was so excited to find this one by chance while I was browsing Pink and Green Mama’s fantastic site!  I had recently seen some cherry blossoms done with the same technique – with pink blossoms on black stems –  but was trying to decide exactly how they were done.  Mystery solved!  Now it’s time to bust out the supplies!)

Enjoy your weekend!

 Top photo by Joanne Kim.
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Weekend Links 2.26.11

I get to spend today in car driving back from visiting family in eastern Oregon, but you could spend it checking out these great posts:

Nurturing Curiosity and Inspiring the Pursuit of Discovery {Presentation Zen}

Playdough Fairy Garden {Little Page Turners}

Tick Tock! {Laugh, Paint, Create}

Spin, Spin, Spin Painting! {The Artful Parent} (My favorite way to use my salad spinner.)

I read this one about a month ago, but it keeps coming back into my mind:

And So We Sat {Sorta Crunchy} 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Top photo by Lysanne Ooteman.
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Weekend Reads 2.19.11

Double Feature for fort-lovers: Handmade Hideaways & Build A Fort Kit {Modern Parents, Messy Kids}

Sensory Play Tubs {Nurture Store}

Creative Pretend Play Props and Ideas {Simple Kids}

Real Life Reasons to Write {NAEYC}

To Win Toddler Food Battles, Take a Softer Approach {npr}

Homemade Rhythm Set (With a video!) {Frugal Family Fun}

Have a great weekend!

Top photo by Jan Magne Saether.

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Weekend Reads 2.12.11

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me (Teaching Kids Friendship Making Skills) {Dr. Michelle Borba}

Snap Painting {Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Education}

Why Family Meals Make for Happier Kids {Life…Your Way}

Planning a New Water Wall for Water Play (Let the Children Play}

Shape Shake & Estimating Activity {No Time for Flashcards}

Simple Valentine’s Day Celebrations {Simple Kids}

Have a great weekend!

Top photo by Anu Länsisalmi.
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Weekend Reads 2.5.11

11 (Not So) Surprising Benefits of Play {Dr. Michele Borba}

Check out this blog full of wonderful ideas for Mom and Me co-ops/playgroups: Mommy and Me Book Club

I am in LOVE with this art space: Sharing Our Kids Art Space {Childhood 101}

Interesting study… where do we go from here: Learning Gap Between Rich and Poor Starts Early {Newsweek}

Playing with Music at Home {NAEYC}

4 Reasons to Ditch Academic Preschool {Janet Lansbury}

Top photo by Fred Fokkelman.

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NJC Love Around the Blogosphere

Is it just me, or did January fly by?  (I have to confess, I still have a few Christmas decorations I missed that are waiting to join their friends in the storage box!)  Today is the last day of the month, and that means it’s the last day to use the code “NewYear” to get a discount on my ebook, “Parenting with Positive Guidance: Building Discipline from the Inside Out“.

In addition to the interview Kara at Simple Kids did last week, I’ve been really honored by the people who have already featured my ebook on their blogs this month.  I thought I’d list them here to thank them for their kind words and support.  I hope you’ll take some time not just to read what they wrote about the book, but also to peruse their wonderful blogs! 

Mandi Ehman, Life…Your Way: Parenting with Positive Guidance

“I’m excited to take the practical advice that Amanda offers — versus high-level theory that doesn’t do much other than leave me scratching my head — and apply it to our discipline methods because I really do believe that they’ll have a positive impact on the way our family functions.”

Megan Tietz, Sorta Crunchy: Achieving Your Parenting Goals in 2011 through Parenting with Positive Guidance

As you all know, I read lots of parenting books, and I am highly, highly impressed with Parenting with Positive Guidance.  Amanda truly is a gifted educator and she has the ability to take all of these parenting concepts and make them easy to understand and simple to apply.”

Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist:  35 Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget

(I really love this post, and not just because I was mentioned!)

 “8.  Discipline. Children need to learn everything from the ground-up including appropriate behaviors, how to get along with others, how to get results, and how to achieve their dreams. Discipline should not be avoided or withheld. Instead, it should be consistent and positive. (See Parenting with Positive Guidance by Amanda Morgan).”


  Thanks to all of you, readers and affiliates, for your support and encouragement and for letting me know how this ebook has influenced your homes.  It makes all those late nights and writing-induced chocolate chip binges worth it!


Wednesday will be the first post of February, so be ready for some fun Valentine’s Day ideas! 

Top photo by sibaudio.
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